About Us

First of all, great that you’re interested in the sport roller derby. It has a lot of history and since the last years it has become more a sport than show or entertainment. Our league officially had its fourth birthday last january, but we still need to grow into a bigger and better team.

Having our own league means we have to do everything ourselves, from contact about renting the halls, to recruitment, to board positions and the actual training. We’re proud of our accomplishments like having played official games, organizing events and some of our skaters making the national team. Though derby isn’t just about winning. It’s about overcoming hardship, be it the physical training or the organisation, in the end you’ll be able to do something you didn’t know you could do before. You’ll be your own hero.

Mom, I want to be a Northern Lightning Rollergirl

No matter what body type, if you are sporty spice or a couch potato who has never been on skates before, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living and where you grew up or what your sexual preference is, in derby you can and should just be yourself! Some advice and tricks to build mental resistance keep in mind when starting your fresh meat:

  • Do not judge yourself based on the ability of others. Your talents are unique and every bit as important to this sport as everyone else’s.
  • Push yourself. The amount you are able to achieve will shock and amaze you.
  • Don’t limit yourself. If you need to throw up, do it. Then get back on the track and finish your laps.
  • Get low!!!!!!! It all starts with a good stance, so bend your knees!!
  • Attend to as much practices you can, even if you can’t skate yourself. You’ll learn by watching, listen to rule explanations and you could help out teamies.
  • When your body is so tired that you feel like you can’t take another step, skate two more laps before you quit.
  • Keep an eye out for the biggest, meanest, most skilled, scary bitches out there. Immediately recruit them onto your team.
  • Do something nice for an injured skater. At some point this will be you and you will appreciate the favor returned way more than you can know while you’re healthy.
  • Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame others. Blame doesn’t solve anything and it won’t change the outcome of a bout or scrimmage.
  • You may get divorced, you may suffer a break up, and you may fall in love. Do not let any of these things take you away from skating.
  • Be your own cheerleader. Do this quietly inside your head. Encourage yourself. Do not berate yourself. Be a cheerleader for your teammates. Do this out loud and frequently. Others may not have the inner positivity necessary to embolden themselves and they will thrive on your encouragement.

Practical Matters

The practices are divided into the advanced skaters who already scrimmage and bout and the Fresh Meat. The Fresh Meat is also divided into two groups: the “skating skills” and the “derby skills”. This means we teach you everything about skating, stopping, and falling properly first, and train your muscles. Counting from the Fresh Meat event as the first week, you’ll be tested on the tenth with the WFTDA standards (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and roller derby Holland require skaters to have passed the minimum skills test before scrimmage participation). There is no second chance, we figure it’s safer to train a second time. If you succeed, you’ll go to the next group of derby skills and we’ll teach you everything derby. There’ll be hitting, blocking, jamming, pack exercises, tactics and endurance. After two months of rules, boutwatching, strength and bruises, will be the rest of the minimum skill test. This will be celebrated heavily and if you succeed on your first or second try, you’ll be an advanced skater. You may attend scrimmages everywhere in the world as an individual skater and you’ll be considered on the roster for our bout team. When you’re not allowed to scrimmage or bout yet, we highly recommend you to NSO. This is a valuable learning experience!